During the 30 plus years of preparing estate plans, I have become keenly aware of the many unique and conniving legal tactics employed to gain access to a family’s estate. As a result, I’ve dedicated myself to implementing strategies that secure estate plans that deliver the most favorable outcome for my clients.

In addition, I have witnessed the unfortunate costs and attorney’s fees, and tremendous delays involved in probating one’s estate – something that can, in large measure be eliminated with a living trust. I often say to my clients:

“If you do not have a plan to protect your family, the government does!”

We all shake our head or laugh about the stories of the undeserving heirs who inherit from people who have done no estate planning, or the trust fund brats that got their hands on too much money as too early an age and lost all incentive to work or be a productive member of society. However, the cold hard fact of the matter is that every day 1,000s of these types of cases are clogging up our country’s probate courts.

This is why I am committed to assisting you prepare a cost effective living trust based estate plan to protect your loved ones. It is my hope that you will take care of your family and everything you have worked so hard to achieve by taking the necessary steps to protect it with a secure well prepared estate plan.


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