other kid shotIf you have children, perhaps you have wondered who would raise them if for some reason you or their other parent couldn’t. While this is not an easy subject to contemplate, having a guardian arrangement spelled out in a stand-alone document or in your will, will ensure they will be properly cared for by someone you trust.


A legal guardian is a person who is given the legal authority and responsibility to take care of your children’s needs, such as providing food, education, medical care, dental care and shelter.

  • Is the prospective guardian old enough? (must be over 18 years in most states.)
  • Does the prospective guardian have a genuine concern for your children’s welfare?
  • Does he or she have sufficient time to devote to your children?
  • Is the prospective guardian physically able to meet the demands of the job?
  • Does he or she have children of their own that are of an age close to that of your children?
  • Would your children be required to relocate?
  • Can you provide the guardian sufficient assets with which to raise the children? If not, does your prospective guardian have the financial wherewithal to do this on their own?
  • Does the prospective guardian share your values and moral beliefs?
  • Is their age or health a consideration?
  • Do your children like them?

If you have minor children it is imperative to have a plan in place to protect them in the event you can not. Appointing a guardian is an essential part of that plan.


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