Living Trust Review

Your estate plan needs to be refined and improved over time as life changes. An effective financial strategy should not be treated like just a set of static documents. Prevent your estate plan from becoming stale and thereby creating problems for you or your loved ones after your incapacity or death.

PREP Program Includes:

1. Consultation (in-person or ZOOM)

Settle questions or concerns with a regularly scheduled review. You will receive valuable recommendations specifically tailored to your financial protection, based on your answers to:

Comprehensive 100 point detailed Questionnaire

Just a few of the topics reviewed are:

  • Have You Considered How Switching from an AB Trust to a Disclaimer Trust May Save Thousands in Future Trust Administration?
  • Have Any of Your Successor Trustees/Executors Passed Away and Need to be Replaced in Your Trust?
  • Have You Added Any New Family Members during the Past Year?
  • Have You Added Any New Assets to Your Estate During the Past Year?
  • Do You Need to Preserve Your Inheritance for Your Grandchildren Should Your Son/Daughter Die and Their Surviving Spouse Re-Marry?
  • Have You Refinanced Your Home and the Bank Took Your Home Out of The Trust but Failed to Retitle it Back in the Trust?
  • Does Your Current Estate Plan Protect Any Family Members with Drug, Alcohol or Gambling Issues from Wasting Away Their Inheritance?
  • Have You Neglected to Prepare Powers of Attorney for Your Unmarried Adult Children?
  • Are you concerned about your estate planning documents being challenged by disgruntled family members or other third parties who could challenge your legal capacity or the undue influence of others?
  • Have you thought about the increasing risks for trustees, necessitating detailed discussions about when and how to utilize the services of a professional/corporate trustee instead of friends and family members?
  • Do you have a blended family, which calls for restructuring of estate plans that effectively balance the interests of the new spouse and step-children.

2. Includes a once a year amendment to your schedule of trust assets

3. We will make common minor changes to your power of attorney, will or healthcare directive at a 10% discount off our normal hourly rate.

4. You can also count on us for:

  • Send our PREP questionnaire to you once every three years;
  • Maintain electronic copies of your estate planning documents in good order;
  • Provide your financial and tax/accounting advisors with access to your estate planning documents;

Once you have enrolled in this program, we will contact you to schedule a convenient telephone or ZOOM call. Then we will send you our current detailed questionnaire to make sure no important details fall through the cracks to insure you get the absolute most out of our consultation.